Kabbalah And Sufism—Branches Of A Single Teaching

627.2Question: Would you be interested in anyone contributing to the revival of Sufism? This is also Kabbalah, but Islamic. At the same time, it is more comprehensible because it is intended for a greater mass of people.

If Sufism is reborn in some way, could these two streams exist simultaneously without creating a conflict?

Answer: First, Sufism and Kabbalah will never contradict each other. There cannot be any conflict between them.

Second, both Sufism and Kabbalah have been ostracized because both teachings are hated by religious leaders of both Islam and Judaism.

Third, there can be no connection between Sufism and Kabbalah yet because they need revival. We must breathe life into both of them. Sufism is in exile.

I have met Sufis abroad: in the Netherlands, in England, in America. They were compelled to flee from Iran and Iraq. But they were mature or old men. I don’t think they are with us anymore. And they practically had no students.

But I really hope that just as Kabbalah is being reborn in Judaism so will Sufism be reborn in Islam and spread throughout the world. Those who are interested in Sufism will start to practice it. Those who are interested in Kabbalah will practice it. It doesn’t matter! The main thing is for a man to work on himself and improve himself.

Practically, both Sufism and Kabbalah teach the same thing. Sufism, like Kabbalah, originated from Abraham. But he passed Sufism as a spiritual teaching to his eldest son Ishmael, and Kabbalah to his second son Isaac. But in fact, these are related techniques.

There are no contradictions between them. The main thing is to develop and spread them.

However, I would not recommend blending them. Let them grow. And later you will start to think and to understand whether it is appropriate for them to be blended and how.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 12/9/18

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