Teacher And Students: Writing Articles

962.8Comment: You often give students different advice, for example, to write articles. But there are such states when a person does not have the heart to write, thoughts completely disappear. There is a feeling of great regret that the teacher’s covenant cannot be fulfilled.

My Response: I myself have not written for a long time. There is Facebook, Twitter, several sources where you can write. Basically, I sometimes tweet little “bullets” for my students. On the same day, they are translated into different languages, and people read them.

They are based on the material from the past lesson or what is happening in the world or on the topic of the next lesson planned for tomorrow.

Sometimes I get up at 12 am and I can fill up Twitter before class, sometimes I do it during the day. I believe that what I write there is very important, and I am glad that there is such an opportunity where it is limited and you sit and calculate, you really calculate, so that each word has its own weight, and the message does not go beyond the allowed amount of letters.

And I don’t write articles. I do not even slander a detailed article, but I give my ideas to people who have such abilities. And they are the ones who write mainly in four languages: English, Spanish, Russian, and Hebrew.

Therefore, if you come across current articles somewhere, signed by “Michael Laitman,” then these are my ideas expressed by my students.

Question: Are they not getting distortions from this?

Answer: No. I know and clearly control those who write, and therefore, I speak so calmly about it. You can take these articles as absolutely mine.

Question: But Twitter is personal instruction?

Answer: Yes. This is me personally.
From KabTV’s “Teacher – Student” 2/7/19

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