My Thoughts On Twitter 3/31/21

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

We will not be able to organize a good society by debating “who is right and who is wrong.” The one who’s right is the one who wishes to unite with those who are against him. We thereby give the Creator a place for revelation and management.
We have just one head of government—”above.”

In the network of forces between us, in opposition to one another and, at the same time, by rising above the rejection, we reveal the upper force. Only when we are united above all the differences does the upper force become revealed and rules over us.

The Creator created us opposite—we all live in #hatred and rejection from each other. But we should not take the breakage into account. On the contrary, “Love will cover all sins.” No matter how many sins we reveal, we must reveal love above them.
From Twitter, 3/31/21

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