Last In Line

767.4Question: Iceland is considered one of the safest countries in the world. You were there and you saw that the murder rate there is lower than in most other countries. People do not lock their cars, and this is especially true in rural areas. People there know each other.

Perhaps we should take an example from such countries and try to adopt their way of life?

Answer: No, you cannot do that because Iceland is an island. They live only by raising birds, sheep, etc. and have no massive industry.

Tourism there is quite developed and they have the right conditions for that. We cannot compare ourselves to them. It is impossible to live according to their way of life. What is more, these are people with a totally different state of mind.

You can see a line that is half a mile long to buy bread, and I am not exaggerating. A person there can stand in line for half an hour and even more.

Question: Doesn’t he get angry about that?

Answer: No, he waits patiently

Question: How can that be?

Answer: It is because they are not connected to the rest of humanity. It makes no difference to them that they have so many tourists and all means of communication. In spirit, they are so…. non-European. The distance from one house to another there is several kilometers.

Question: But is it possible to live this way and be happy? To be disconnected from each other and live?

Answer: But we cannot. It is impossible for all the people in the world to live this way. Who would want that today? You need to have a special character in order to live like that.

In Iceland, the land itself is such that it does not make people sociable. It is because it is all made of rocks! Only rocks.

Question: What is the future of humanity?

Answer: The future of humanity is unity, of course. Nature will give us such conditions that will force us to unite. But people in Iceland will be the last to feel the desire to unite.

Question: Does it bother you? Doesn’t it bother you that they are happy and satisfied with life and have no need to unite?

Answer: No. I wish people joy.

Kabbalah is opening to the world that now evolution is reaching a dead end. Then Kabbalah says: “That’s it, it is my turn now.”

Question: And you are saying that they will be last in line?

Answer: Yes. And they will stand. A kilometer long line—they will stand.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/4/18

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