The Ten Is A Cell Of The Spiritual Body

962.6Each one’s primary responsibility is for his ten, for all the friends, for the common connection, in which the ten expresses our desire for the Creator, the demand to the Creator to correct and fill our common desire.

Each person in the ten has to do this work, this is his personal, individual mission in regard to the ten. When tens connect in such a way, each one within itself, and turn into healthy cells, then it will be possible to assemble a spiritual body from these cells. It will be a Man, “Adam.”

So far, however, every ten is just one basic cell and nothing more. In this way, we form a drop of semen from which we will begin to multiply and grow in spirituality. Unless there is such a drop of semen consisting of ten friends, we cannot begin to grow in the spiritual world.

This condition stands before us as a border barrier (Machsom), an obstacle that does not allow us to understand how necessary our connection is. Of course, we cannot do this work ourselves, but we must think, ask, and demand that the upper force will make this change within us.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/12/21, “My Sons Defeated Me” (Preparation for the Convention 2021)

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