Spiritual Life In The Womb

278.03Question: If we originally existed on the spiritual level, why were we lowered into the abyss of egoism?

Answer: In order for us to have freewill.

Question: Did we not have freewill, even when we used to love each other?

Answer: Of course not. This happened under the influence of light, which showed you the whole universe and your complete dependence on others. You performed the program of creation completely automatically. You were like an inanimate being, acting instinctively, like a corrected, good animal.

But this mechanism is necessary in order to give you the quality of bestowal, the quality of love for your neighbor so that it comes from you, and you understand what is in creation. To do this, you need to be placed between two opposing forces, and with their help you begin somehow to choose what is better, what is worse, why, what for.

You would have the knowledge, analysis, and synthesis of all kinds of phenomena. Then you will know yourself and from yourself, the Creator.

Question: Did we not feel the Creator before?

Answer: No. You felt only yourself, as if you were inside Him like a fetus in the womb of a mother that carries out absolutely all her commands, is completely under her control, but at the same time, he is nobody and nothing.

You annul yourself so much that these few kilograms of someone else’s body, which are inside the mother’s body, are not felt by her as an undesirable element. Although we always have a reaction of rejection of a foreign body, this body does not feel alien, but on the contrary, is loved and desired. Imagine how much this is created by nature inversely to what exists in our world!

The material state of intrauterine development is similar to the spiritual state. If we could now, at the level we are at, consciously annul ourselves in relation to spirituality and give ourselves to it completely, we would begin to feel it, but in a minimal volume, as minimal intrauterine spiritual life.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar #4

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