How Not To Go Along With Biases?

629.3Question: Our brain categorizes everything it feels. From these categorizing what is known as bias grows. That is, a person thinks in patterns and often makes decisions that were originally ingrained in him. Sometimes these decisions can be wrong, unfair.

Scientists say that one of the methods of preventing bias is to stop a person in time and ask him the appropriate questions. Basically, make him pause so that he asks himself, “What assumptions do I have? What influences me in order to make the right decision?”

We are subjected to bias from birth. What can I do about it? How can I not succumb to it?

Answer: I believe that nothing will help except the right environment, which will influence a person. If one begins to question himself, to remember some of his schemes, habits, and patterns implanted in him from childhood, it will not have any results. The only remedy is to be constantly under the strong influence of the right environment.

It turns out that you can only fight against bias by changing it to another. That is, a person is initially under the influence of one society, which forms something in him. Then he gets under another influence and it forms something new in him.

Nothing can be done otherwise. Then there will be a third society, a fourth, and so on, which will influence him more and more. However, from each environment, he will receive what it imbues him with. In this way, he will begin to comprehend everything better and go up the degrees.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 1/12/21

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