According To The Highest Plan

laitman_942Rabash, The Social Writings, “Concerning Love of Friends”: What is the reason I chose specifically these friends, and why have the friends chosen me?

On one hand, we came together accidentally because we were looking for the meaning of life, the possibility of understanding existence, and we are guided by our common goal.

On the other hand, everything happens from above. As we later understand, it was the higher plan that led us to come together. It unites and brings us closer to each other despite the fact that we are egoists, especially those who come to study Kabbalah. These are people who have never really been drawn to each other or to others, everyone felt themselves as individuals.

Therefore, when they come together, they have a special job: to show love to each other, to organize meals and various activities together, and so on. Generally, this is not for them because such behavior is contrary to their nature. But they have to do this in order to become closer to each other.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 1/18/18

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