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To bestow to the Creator is to be like Him. While I don’t have the Creator’s qualities, He doesn’t exist in me. We attain the Creator gradually from what is not Him, doesn’t relate to Him–from the negative. #OneUpperForce_ML #awareness #Wisdom

If one has the quality of love & bestowal, the Creator passes his force through him into the world, and one becomes the Creator’s extension. I cannot bestow anything, but only be together with the Creator, His conductor. #OneUpperForce_ML #awareness #Wisdom

Truth is perfection. Our world/we don’t exist. We exist only in our imagination, so that from it we would attain perfection, the Creator. He purposefully made this picture in which we, our world exists. As the #Zohar says, this state is a dream until we reveal the upper world.

#Psalm_150. Praise the Lord in His sanctuary, for His mighty deeds, for His greatness. Praise the sound of the trumpet, the harp and lyre, timbrel and dancing, stringed instruments and a pipe, loud ringing cymbals. Let every soul praise the Lord. Aleluia!

#Psalm_149. Sing unto the Lord a new song. Israel rejoices in the Creator. For the LORD delights in His people, adorns the afflicted with salvation. The godly ones exult in glory. High praises on their lips, double-edged sword executes judgment. He is the glory for the godly ones

#Psalm_148 Praise the Lord in the heights, sun, moon, stars, heavens. At His command were they made. He established them forever, passed the law not to break. All praise the Lord, for His name alone is exalted. He lifted up His people, glory of a people closest to Him. Aleluia!

– Ppl who leave Israel r like those who leave BB: their egoistic self-justification instinct kicks in and they start putting down Israel.
– For as long as one’s ego is uncorrected, one justifies oneself subconsciously in everything! Try and understand them!

#Psalm_147 Praise the Lord. He rebuilds Jerusalem, gathers exiles of Israel. He gives food to beast, young ravens that cry. He favors those fearing Him, awaiting His mercy. He declares His word to Jacob, statutes and laws to Israel. He did not deal thus with any nation. Aleluia!

#Psalm_146 Aleluia. Praise the Lord, my soul! Blessed is he whose help is He. The Lord frees prisoners, opens the eyes of the blind, raises up those bowed down, loves the righteous, the orphan and widow, but He thwarts the way of the wicked. The Lord will reign forever. Aleluia!

#Psalm_142 I cry to the Lord. You know my path, they set a trap for me. No escape, no-one cares for my soul. I cry to You, You are my refuge. Heed my prayer, for I’m too low. Deliver me from persecutors, they are too strong for me.Bring my soul out of prison to glorify Your

From Twitter, 2/9/18

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