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Psalm_71 In You, LORD, I trust! Let me never be ashamed. Be my rock! Rescue me from the hand of the robber. You are my hope. My mouth is filled with praises for You. Do not cast me off when my strength fails. My enemies conspire: God has forsaken him. O God, do not be far from me

My latest on @BINAlerts Israel’s Hubris Comes With a Price — Why Jews in Israel and around the world have a false sense of security. “I have seen these people,’ the #Lord said to Moses, ‘and they are a stiff-necked people. ” (Exodus 32:9-10) #Israel

Psalm_70 LORD, save me, rush to my help! Let those seeking my soul be shamed, those wishing me evil -humiliated. Let those who seek You rejoice, those who love Thy salvation say “Great is the Lord!” But I am needy, O GOD, rush to me! My help, my deliverer You, Lord, do not delay!

Psalm_69 Save me, GOD, I sink in mire. Strong are those hating me. Let those who trust in You not be shamed because of me. I pray to You, answer me with salvation. Do not hide Your face. Let those seeking GOD rejoice. Let heaven, earth, seas & offspring of His servants praise Him

Psalm_68 Let GOD arise, His enemies & haters be scattered. Let the godly rejoice before Him. Your heritage, when weak, You strengthen. GOD – escape from death. Sing to GOD in your gatherings! God is awesome in His sanctuaries, will give strength to the chosen people. #Praise GOD!

#Psalm_67 God, have mercy on us & bless us, reveal Your shining face! Let your way be known on earth. Let all nations thank You. For You judge nations fairly and guide the tribes on earth. Earth yielded its harvest. Let God bless us, all ends of the earth will be awed before Him.

Psalm_66 Let the whole earth bow to You, praise Thy name! You tried and refined us. You led us into a net, brought disasters, we passed thru fire and water, You led us out to abundance. If I had injustice in my heart, He would not hear me. But He heeded my prayer. Blessed be GOD!

Psalm_65 To You all flesh will come. You will forgive our sins. Blessed be chosen by You. He forms mountains, stills loud waves, tumult of nations. He remembers earth, waters it, blessing growth. Your paths drip oil. Pastures clothe with flock, valleys with grains, exult & sing.

The people of #Israel have the world’s most essential product–the method of reaching #happiness. And we have no competition. This remedy can only spread from Israel, and the world has no choice—it needs only this remedy. We need to educate and to market…

From Twitter, 2/18/18

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