Answers To Your Questions, Part 214

712.03Question: When I was on vacation in the mountains, I experienced something unbelievable and amazing. I enjoyed looking at the view and didn’t notice that I had entered an inexplicable state. I saw that the entire world is interconnected, that all people, animals, the plant world, and the earth itself are one single whole and living body! I stood and cried from joy. I had chills all over my body and my hair was standing on end. I had never felt such happiness. This continued for about 10 minutes (maybe, because I didn’t feel time). Later, it happened another two times, but this was in a city.

Dear Michael Laitman, why was this shown to me and for what purpose? After all, isn’t that the way it is? What should I do with this information? I found out about you by chance.

Somehow I saw your program on YouTube, the “Echo of Moscow” with Dorenko, where you claimed that the world is a single whole body.

Answer: Your feeling is correct and sometimes it is discovered among many other people. But this is not a revelation of the upper world. It is only the feeling of the connection between the nature of our world. But it does give a sensation of harmony and union. The wisdom of Kabbalah makes it possible to attain this harmony, expand it, study it, and live within it!

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