Demons, Angels, And Miracles

Laitman_151Question: The Book of Zohar mentions demons, angels, and other miracles. It seems strange to me that Kabbalah is not mysticism. Would you explain what you mean by that?

Answer: The fact is that the Kabbalists used terms such as “satan,” “angel,” “demon,” and so on, to name physical forces of nature.

The positive and negative forces of nature are equivalent. Moreover, negative forces are in no way worse than positive forces, but in Hebrew, they are described in those terms, and therefore, Kabbalah uses them. It was written in Kabbalah 5,000 years ago when there was no Christianity nor Judaism.

The fact that people began to give the names of physical forces, forms, volumes, and add them to their lives as if placing them in our world is the imagination of a person; this is mysticism.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/22/17

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