Defeat The Enemy In Yourself

Laitman_155Torah, Deuteronomy, “Ki Titze,” 21:10: If you go out to war against your enemies…

When you go out to war you must know clearly that you are fighting with yourself, and if you don’t, you will eventually lose. Such is the program of nature, a war brings benefits only if you change yourself in this war.

Even in the corporeal world, a war with an external enemy doesn’t determine anything, we see that precisely losers become winners.

For example, when the Romans conquered Europe up to northern Scotland, they built roads, cities, installed communications, and brought civilization to the barbarian continent. As the result, barbarians came out of the woods and the Romans fell.

Therefore, we need to go out to the internal war with our egoism because the external war gives no results. He who conquers will himself become conquered.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 10/26/16

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