New Life #413 – The Game Of Life: “You Shall See Your World During Your Lifetime”

New Life #413 – The Game Of Life: “You Shall See Your World During Your Lifetime”
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


How can we enjoy life just as we did when we were kids? What rules of the game should we adopt in our daily life and what new world will be revealed in our lives if we play correctly?

All of life is one big game. Everyone plays different roles in different situations. A young man and woman, for example, play a loving couple, but once they get married the game is over.

Before the wedding, they did not feel committed, so they enjoyed the game. Once they have commitments, the game is over. It is impossible to enjoy life if there is no element of a game in it, no color. If that’s the case, life is death.

Our life is supposed to be a game, a transition to a more sublime state, which is the attainment of a wonderful prize. But if we dry out our lives and hardly carry on, it becomes a heavy burden and we live since we have no other choice.

In order to turn life into an enjoyable game we have to define the goal of life and the prize. Everything we achieve in life fades away and everything ends in death. This is why different religions have invented prizes that we are supposed to receive after we die. However, we can enter the wonderful game called “you shall see your world during your lifetime” right now.

A person can break through all the boundaries and open the upper world for himself. According to the rules of this game, you should change your nature in order to open the new world for yourself. The instructions are simple: you have to change your attitude to others; to love others as yourself. You should play this game in a group of at least ten people. You should try to see others close to you as yourself until everyone melts into each other. In such a connection between us, we begin to discover one force, one thought, one desire—a new world.

Everyone begins to play the upper force for others, to act the love and bestowal. We advance step-by-step until we reach the big prize—eternal life, not of the body but of the self.
From KabTV’s “New Life #413 – The Game Of Life, “You Shall See Your World During Your Lifetime,” 6/22/14

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