My Thoughts On Twitter, 3/29/17


Maybe antisemitism doesn’t really exist?


In Nazi Germany Association of German National Jews supported Hitler. History is repeating itself: American Jews are voting against Israel

Jews against AIPAC2017 are against Israel’s existence, eager to renounce their Jewishness. This is the hatred that has destroyed the Temple

Since falling from love to hatred, we’ve hated Kabbalah & the unity that it teaches for 2,000 years now–this is the root of our suffering.

Naturally, the man exhibiting anti-Semitism threatening Jewish organizations is Jewish: by rejecting “love of others” we hate ourselves.

Jews will never be accepted in any society, because society will always feel their oppositeness due to their bestowal origins.

Egoistic #relationships in humanity have been determining all our history, but cannot continue developing anymore and must be corrected.

Let’s not fear robots taking people’s jobs. Humanity’s job is to reveal the Upper World in a corrected connection (love) among all people.

Kabbalah: it’s not man who must be corrected, but his connection to others. That is the quality of “human,” while the others are “animal.”

The growing ego causes a fractured society of 90% poor and 10% rich. This is fraught with war. Correcting the ego is becoming a necessity.

Jews are a people created by uniting different Babylonian groups. If lacking connection, hatred arises among them, and they oppose Israel.

Jews-turned-anti-Semites reject not only their heritage, but primarily their task to bring the method of connection for the entire world.
From Twitter, 3/29/17

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