A Prayer To Myself

laitman_534Question: The concept of prayer exists in the wisdom of Kabbalah as well as in other religions. What is a prayer according to Kabbalah?

Answer: A prayer in Kabbalah expresses the precise examination of one’s actions, thoughts, behavior, and their correction.

Question: What does it mean to ask something of the Creator?

Answer: A person doesn’t turn to the Creator, he turns to himself, to the force that is permanently inside him with which a person wants to be in contact. This is called an appeal to the Creator.

Question: What is the meaning of “there is none else besides Him?” Is there none else besides me or besides my power?

Answer: It means that there is no one besides the force that fills all of creation, including me. After all, I am a created being. Outside of me there is nothing. Even the cosmos is me. All of humanity is me because everything is inside me. We learn that from the perception of reality according to the wisdom of Kabbalah.

A person always turns to the force that sustains him internally and that fills the whole creation. Gradually a person begins to understand that there is a system. At the same time, a person should not think that he turns to his own egoism because that is pointless since egoism doesn’t rule the world.

The term “faith of the sages” exists in order to help a person advance. First, he has to instinctively believe in a mother and father who will always help him and never betray him, and when his youth is over and the father and mother no longer suffice, he has to believe in what the sages tell him—not the religious but the sages who have already attained spirituality. A person accepts their advice as assumptions, as an initial condition, which he will later discard when he attains them internally.

Baal HaSulam writes in The Introduction to The Study of the Ten Sefirot that there is a Surrounding Light, which a person invokes and summons by his desire, if he reads the texts, a Light that changes him. Then a person attains it and begins to see it not as a Surrounding Light but as his Inner Light.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/25/16

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