A Book That Proved To Be Correct For Thousands Of Years

laitman_527_07Question: Can we can count on the fact that the Torah we are reading today is authentic? Isn’t it distorted by different translations and publications? Who wrote it? Was it written by certain authors?

Answer: There is no argument about that. Everything is absolutely accurate. Even Kabbalists who attain the upper world today see that the Torah describes the structures and the mutual cooperation of all of the elements in the upper world, which means the systems that manage us and all of creation, including the upper one.

The Torah is not about people, about historical events, or geographical locations, but only about the interaction between the elements of the upper forces that eventually depict and present on our internal screens a kind of an existence that drives a person toward correction.

The Torah tells us how the absolute and eternal system—which includes the beginning and the end of the whole of creation—is arranged, and tells us about how we develop inside of it from the beginning of creation to its end.

There cannot be any additions or anything that is redundant in these descriptions. It always exists the way that it is. In every generation, Kabbalists who study the Torah go over it again and again, and discover to what degree this system is absolute.

The Torah was written by Moses during the forty years of wandering in the Sinai Desert.

After the construction of the two Temples, Kabbalists came along who wrote books on a different level, a lower one that was adapted to the conditions in their generation. In their books, they conveyed the states they attained.

Thus, during the time of the First Temple, the book of Prophets was written, and closer to the time of the Second Temple, Holy Scriptures (Ktuvim) were written, but they do not nullify the Torah in any way. It is a law, and it remains above all other books. Its practical uses with regard to the lower level were actually presented by the explanations in the Prophets and Scriptures.

Together, they are called the Tanakh (Torah, Prophets, and Scriptures) and were written from a very high level of attainment from the complete knowledge of the system. This is the reason that everything that is said about them is absolutely accurate and has proven to be correct for thousands of years.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/4/16

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