Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 8/28/16

laitman_599_01Question: Why are we given fantasies?

Answer: Fantasies are given to embellish a lie with a lie.

Question: Does this mean that fantasies are false?

Answer: Yes, as is our whole world, even though it seems real to us.

Question: Must a person understand that he cannot find happiness in this world?

Answer: It is for each individual. Yet I would not say that a person must prove to himself that there is no happiness in the world. We simply need to aspire to true happiness.

Question: What kind of benefit do I get as a result of others or the Creator being fulfilled, but not myself?

Answer: If I am fulfilled through them, this is a higher egoistic system of fulfillment; if I fulfill the whole world through me, then I am fulfilled with everything that I have transmitted to the world.

Question: What does it mean to fulfill the desire of others?

Answer: Fulfilling the desire of others is a means for fulfilling yourself, a means of fulfilling the Creator.

Question: What will happen in the physical world when people attain the highest level of pleasure? Will the population decrease or increase as a result of this?

Answer: Our world will disappear from our senses; after all, it only exists within our senses.

Question: There is a philosophy called Aikido by which the negative changes to positive. You claim that the wisdom of Kabbalah transforms the ego to have the characteristic of the Creator, altruism. Is this a kind of Kabbalistic Aikido?

Answer: The ego remains, we just use it correctly.

Question: Is it possible to call the relationship between parents and children “bestowal”?

Answer: No, because this connection is personal, so what am I bestowing to whom? Is it to myself?

Question: How are “ego” and “light” components of my soul?

Answer: The ego that is corrected to the level of bestowal is the soul; besides the ego, we have nothing.

Question: Will I be able to bequeath to my children the same pleasure that I derive from the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: No, it is not inherited. You can be a great Kabbalist, as were many women before you, but as a rule, their children weren’t receptive to the wisdom of Kabbalah. But in our time, this might be different.

Question: What is the connection between the “end of creation” and “pleasure”?

Answer: Creation is what we feel. When we correct all of our senses, the creation in its present form disappears and in its place an absolutely new creation appears that is called the upper world.

Question: If I am already experiencing the pleasure that you are talking about, must I still learn the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: If you have a desire for it, then study; if not, then don’t. Everything is completely voluntary; nothing is imposed on anyone. The method of the wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed only to someone who wants it, there is no coercion. If you leave the wisdom of Kabbalah, you will not be punished. If you study it, you will be convinced by the reward. It is not found on the same plane on which you are accustomed to seeing. You must choose for yourself. This is wisdom that is only given to those who need it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/28/16

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