Answers To Your Questions, Part 157

laitman_570Question: What can you say about a state in which you wake up in the middle of the night and feel an unbearable pain in your soul and think that it is because you are missing (not doing what you should for the root of your soul) what you were given?

Answer: This is a wonderful way in which the Creator reminds you that He exits.

Question: You helped me understand the main thing in life: to see an actual meaning in bestowal, to break out of the dark shell of the ego, and to take a step toward the abyss of fear.

I lived in thoughts and understanding and easily grasped the wisdom of Kabbalah in my mind, but it is only now that the world is changing, only now is this path directly revealed in my feelings. Nothing is redundant; everything leads only to one thing, to correction.

What should I do so that the restrictions of the ego will not be so painful? The ego is growing immensely and I don’t always manage to build a connection above it, while hell is very dark.

Do you actually undergo such terrible states before every ascent? How do you break it? After all, every time the push is increasingly stronger and there is no way back, while after every ascent there is a sharp fall. How can I ascend above this without injuring those who are close to me? How can I feel it when I am lonely? This is a burning question, and I am sorry if I refer to the corporeal world by it.

Answer: You should dedicate more time to studying and dissemination.

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