New Life #735 – Blessings And The Connection To The Creator

New Life #735 – Blessings And The Connection To The Creator
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe


“A person should not enjoy the world without a blessing.” It isn’t easy to understand what the sages mean by that, but they don’t refer to empty words. A person should reach the revelation of the Creator and true gratitude.

Children learn to say blessings and adults should learn how to actually discover the Creator.

Those who have revealed the Creator say that He is good and benevolent to all, and therefore I have to be like Him. The blessing is only a reason to connect to the upper force in order to identify with Him. The blessing should include the intention to discover the Creator and to bring Him delight.

All our work is to correct our attributes, to correct the desire to receive, which is totally egoistic. All this can be fulfilled only by studying the wisdom of Kabbalah in a group of people.

It says “the commandments were given only in order to purify the created beings,” that is, purify us, to correct our egoism. To bless actually means to reach a state in which a person enjoys the actual connection with the Creator and his giving to the Creator.

The purpose of the blessing is not to say thank you but to ascend to the level of the Creator, to be loving and giving like He is. Giving to the Creator can only be by giving to others, as it is written,  “from the love of the created being to the love of the Creator.”

Therefore, “love thy friend as thyself” is the greatest rule of the Torah. This is the goodness that a person can “give” the Creator.
From KabTV’s “New Life #735 – Blessings And The Connection To The Creator,” 6/21/16

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