New Life 489 – Do The Stars Affect Our Fate?

New Life 489 – Do The Stars Affect Our Fate?
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


Question: The issue of astrology and fate is very interesting, intriguing, and very unclear. Do the stars affect our fate? Is it possible to foresee our fate? How can we use this information?

After all, the hardest thing about our life is that it is unpredictable. We go through life having no idea what will happen to us in the future and what surprises fate has in store for us.

A person cannot control his life. This is the reason that so many people are interested in astrology, which can seemingly predict a person’s character and his fate according to the different signs.

Astrology was very popular in ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, the Far East, India, China, and also among the American Indians. Even today many believe that there is a connection between the stars and a person’s state. Is there really such a connection?

Answer: The universe develops gradually, step by step, and man is the last phase of this evolutionary process and is the most developed part. But it is actually because man is the most developed creature and has a mind and feelings by which he can explore nature more and more, that he feels that he is vulnerable.

It says “a day-old calf is called an ox.” After all the moment the calf is born he already has the mind and senses of a grown ox. He knows which plants he can eat and which he shouldn’t; he will not fall from a high place, unlike a small child who has to be nurtured and taught for a long time until he grows wise.

If we don’t teach a child, he will grow up to be an animal. But if we convey to him all of the human life experience that has been accumulated for many years he will reach the human level, the level that he will be allowed to develop to. A person develops and according to the level he develops to he discovers the world.

Therefore man is a very sensitive creature, since he has to feel nature very deeply. He is strong in being able to build different systems that help him cope with nature. Man has learned to control fire, discovered electricity, learned to heat his home and light up the darkness of the night. He has learned to communicate over great distances and has invented the Internet.

Man has become increasingly more sophisticated and has added all the comfort he lacked to nature. At the same time he hasn’t changed much. There are probably very clear limits to human ability.

We can improve our daily life in many ways, but we cannot answer the most important question of: what will my fate be? What will my future be? What will happen when I die? What was there before I was born and what will happen to me after I die? What happens beyond the boundaries of this life? Why have I met the people who surround me in my lifetime? Why was I born with a certain personality, as a man or as a woman, in a certain country, at a certain time?

All these questions remain a mystery for us. There is a certain force that controls us and we cannot influence it. We can only try to live comfortably at the place our fate has brought us to: to build houses instead of caves, to prepare food and to store food products.

We develop what belongs to the body’s corporeal existence, which means that we use the human mind and feelings that raise us above the animals for the sake of the animate level, for the sake of the body. It is only for the sake of the body that we have developed all the sciences: physics, chemistry, biology, and zoology, so that our body can enjoy.

But we cannot use our mind and our feelings in order to exit our body. It turns out that we use everything that was given to us beyond the animate level—our high intelligence, the ability to explore nature and to discover its laws—only for the well being of our corporeal body.

We wanted to move fast, so we built a car; we wanted to speak to someone who is far away, so we invented the radio and the Internet. But all these inventions are for the comfort of our body, for the sake of our health, for ourselves or for our children.

There is no invention that our developed mind has come up with that was for the level that is beyond the animate level. Universities, stock markets, museums are all made to provide our body with maximum comfort. It is sad to see how primitively we use our delicate feelings, our sharp minds, and our ability to develop as we evolved from one generation to the next.

We fly to outer space and have great achievements in medicine. A hundred years ago the average life expectancy was no more that 40-50, and today we are nearing 100. In another 50 years we may live to 200. We have the ability to make our life in this world much more intense, healthier, and to extend the life of the body. But what remains unclear is what we should do with the body for so many years.

We can improve the conditions the body lives in for the sake of our families and our children. We can answer practically any question except for the one most important question about our fate. The term “fate” includes what we were before our birth, what we will be after death, what will happen to us in the middle, in the time from birth until death, and what hardships we will have to cope with during this time.

On the one hand, we realize that everything is predetermined, but to us it is revealed as complete chance. Now it seems a coincidence, but what if I could rise a bit and look at the whole plan from above. This is very intriguing.
From KabTV’s “ New Life 489 – Do The Stars Affect Our Fate?” 1/1/15

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