The Destructive Force Or The Creative Force

laitman_232_08It is written in The Zohar: As long as the Tabernacle was not set up, there was hostility, envy, conflict, contention and controversy in the world…

If two opposite forces act on the same substance sharing the same space, then when they encounter each other they create states of hatred, enmity, rivalry, conflict, and controversy.

So this is speaking about states that exist between two different opinions, actions, directions, and goals. A war is going on between opposites.

…indeed since the Tabernacle was set up and love, sympathy, connection, justice and support were granted to the world.

Above the two opposing forces a third force arises, which become their reconciliation. It uses all of the negative situations that are created between contrasting characteristics in an opposite manner—for connection and the attainment of a new characteristic from this connection.

It is possible to reach love, connection, kindness, and agreement solely and only if this is preceded by the identification the opposing characteristics between the two forces, opposing states like hatred, envy, competitiveness and so forth. Only after that is it possible to correct their connection.

The forces themselves remain. We don’t correct them because they are opposite in their nature, like plus-minus, electron-positron. Not only can we not do anything, but also we don’t even have the right to try to change them. And we can indeed influence their cooperation and create all kinds of things among them.

For example, what is the basis for every weapon? Two opposing characteristics and their mutual destruction; from the rift between them they are brought together.

And conversely, creation is based on the correct use of plus and minus where we put some kind of device between them so that the two forces will complete each other, the completion being love, justice, and agreement.

When two opposite forces don’t bump into each other but work with a common effort, they become a creative force, a constructive force.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/6/13

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  1. I have embraced Judaism late in life and find my frustrations of everyday life negated by Torah learning and the wider Oral Law.
    Christianity provided no depth or made sense of how to approach these frustrations; then as now I refuse to be flippant about my own shortcomings.

    Celestially Hashem guides like a parent.

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