Give – To Find The Source Of Happiness In Yourself!

laitman_568_01In the News (from Psychologies):Happiness for us is habitually measured by capital. We accumulate in the form of things, earn it and receive as a gift. This measurable happiness can be shown to others and evaluated.

“But the more we focus on the things that bring us pleasure, the faster the feeling fades and loses its value. One of the major paradoxes of the science of happiness is a condition where a person gives and at the same time feels maximum satisfaction.

“Studies show that by regularly exercising kindness towards people, our view of the source of happiness changes. We find it within ourselves. This sense of power, the ability to influence the world around us and thus bring it to good pushes us to do good again and again.”

My Comment: This is true and simple: give, then find the source of happiness in yourself!

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