A Centaur Becomes A Man

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it possible to explain the Wisdom of Kabbalah in the language of modern sociology?

Answer: What else is the wisdom of Kabbalah involved with if not sociology? Sociology is a science about the structure of society. But the wisdom of Kabbalah also talks about how to raise the society to the next level.

We, like the rest of nature, develop from inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels of nature and reach the level of a beast that looks like a man, like a centaur with the head of man and the body of a horse. We exist in a form like this. But today our head works for the body.

And we must transform the situation so that the body will work for the head, for the sake of an idea. This is already another level—the level of Adam (Man), which doesn’t exist in our world. In other words, the body, all of our beastly life, must be directed towards elevating the head, the ideals and the goals of the next level.

We have reached a state where the power of nature that moves us (the Creator) has stopped pushing humanity forward. It no longer forces us to advance because we must now advance through our own powers—rising to the next stage, to the next level. And at the level we are on now there is only one problem: the more we dwell on it, the worse it will be.

As we have developed, we have always preferred some new form of social system. Throughout the history of humanity, creating new forms of this system, we gradually discover its deficiencies, and then start feeling it as intolerable, and so we make revolutions: either peaceful, a psychological revolution, or by force, and that is how we have advanced, giving birth to the next level.

We did all of this involuntarily, driven by the force of nature (the Creator) that pushes us forward. It always showed us the next stage. But this is not happening now. The next stage stands before us, but it is not clear to us at all because it is completely different; it is an altruistic stage. It is discovered as a need for complete connection, mutual collective dependence among us, and we don’t understand how to do this.

Now we are gradually beginning to understand the insignificance, the destructiveness of how much our miserable and destructive situation—it is overripe. And if we continue to remain in it, we will only increase the suffering. And the next stage must be revealed in any case. But how much suffering is required to reach it?! Therefore, we need to disseminate, otherwise humanity will sink into terrible suffering.

It is possible to reach the next state only from a general desire, and not from some decision. Therefore unlike the previous stages, we must continue to develop consciously. It is up to us to understand this clearly.

So we must disseminate, otherwise the world will plunge into great problems. We must do everything that is in our ability, and we will see that this works despite the fact that we are few.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/24/14, Questions and Answers with Dr. Laitman

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