The Distance Between Theory And Practice

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There are friends who theoretically understand the whole path and the requirements, but in practice they cannot annul themselves with regard to others. How should we attain connection in practice so that it will be more than just lip service?

Answer: There can be a gap of 10 to 15 years between the moment a person understands things theoretically until he can actually implement what he understands. A person continues to come to the lessons and has to do something, but he cannot bring himself to the center of the group, to participate and to incorporate into it voluntarily.

If he does it voluntarily, it means that the accurate desire to reach the Creator is already stabilized in him in its real form, which means in order to bestow, and that he already feels the right connection between people.

A person can listen and speak beautiful words and he can also understand everything, but it may take another 15 years until he actually participates in the work voluntarily.

He cannot do anything by himself. He tries, but it leads to nothing. The Upper Light still has to work on him and influence him bit by bit.

If a person incorporates  into the center of the group and realizes that this is where he will find the goal of creation, it is great progress; everyone should wish for this.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/02/14, Writings of Rabash

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