Life Is Motion

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean to complete my work and to exit the domination of the shells (Klipot)?

Answer: It means that a person isn’t dominated by egoistic intentions anymore. Thus you complete the first phase of your work and enter the next phase, which is the work in the two dimensions of receiving and bestowal, or in two lines.

There are two levels that you move between, as you fall into impurity and then into holiness. Holding on to the middle line means working with both the right line and the left line.

You don’t erase any desires. It’s impossible to ascend the spiritual ladder without the vessels of receiving. The ladder is built of a desire to receive that is gradually revealed to you as it opens up before you and you discover it each time with the intention of in order to bestow.

You make an effort and, for a moment, feel that you are in bestowal, but then you fall once again into receiving. It’s impossible to advance otherwise. It’s actually by such changes inside you that you understand that you are in bestowal.

The spiritual world is not a fixed state, but consists of changes that occur at an enormous frequency. You constantly swing: right – left, right – left, and this is how your middle line is created.

If your states don’t change, you are dead and you don’t exist. It’s just like a ray of light that cannot be stopped or motion or life in general. The moment you stop them, they disappear. It isn’t death but simply ceasing to exist.

All of creation is in order to exist and what is more, to resemble the Creator. So, it has to constantly change its states. It’s impossible to stop an electron or an atom, because they have to constantly be like in two states at the same time.

It is, in fact, one state. The more we study matter we begin to understand that it’s not particles, but clouds, force fields. Nothing is definite, not the minus nor the plus. This is how they are perceived by our senses, but in fact it’s something that moves at an infinite speed between the two.

The desire to receive cannot exist by itself. It exists only thanks to the fact that it changes and something is created between the changes, which is the desire to bestow. It exists in the middle, and so it has to constantly move at an infinite speed. Life is motion.

The three states exist simultaneously. You can accept it or not, but this is our reality. Physicists are starting to discover this today, although they don’t know why it is so.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/28/14, Writings of Rabash

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