Invisible People Who Have Taken Off Their Egoistic Clothes

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe go out to the public with our ideas as to what the good future of the nation depends upon. The good future of the nation depends only on the connection between people and we must explain this in order to reach the right connection: why it should be this specific way and how it can be fulfilled and carried out.

Then we have to actually fulfill this connection by different exercises and keep advancing towards the right connection and unity. They have to feel that they are really acquiring a unique intensity in life, real support, and a sense of security, thus we begin to heal many problems. They will find out that the whole situation is corrected and is worthwhile.

Question: Will the format of the daily lesson and working with the sources change when many new people join us?

Answer: The Kabbalistic sources will be revealed naturally. If we begin to bestow unto one another, we discover the connections between us that the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches: Reshimot (reminiscences), deficiencies ascend from the bottom up and forces descend from the top down, and the connection between us is revealed more and more. This is what Kabbalah tells us.

In the meantime, we study about phenomena that are not practically fulfilled among us. We don’t discover yet that we are all Malchut and that the connection called Zeir Anpin is inside us, and that there are even more internal connections and forces that are still concealed from us.

But all this is only in us. There is no other place or state; everything is in the connection between us. When we begin to reveal this, we will reveal it right here, just like the fact that there are no ghosts but different forces like Rabbi Shimon, Rabbi Yossi, Rabbi Aba, Baal HaSulam, and Rabash.

There are forces that are depicted on our inner Masach (screen), and there are forces that are not depicted this way. They have been purified and can be seen only in vessels of bestowal according to our equivalence of form.

There are forces that take on an egoistic form of in order to receive and so we identify them, and there are desires of in order to receive that disappear, which means that they have been purified and we don’t identify them since they are purer vessels.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/26/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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