Healing The Point Of Disconnection

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Bible, “Psalms” 139: “For the conductor. Of David, a song.” O Lord, You have searched me out, and You know. You know my sitting and my rising; You understand how to attach me from afar. My going about and my lying down You encompassed, and You are accustomed to all my ways. For there is no word on my tongue; behold, O Lord, You know it all. From the rear and front You encompassed me, and You placed Your pressure upon me.

A psalm is an expression of a person’s constant agreement at any moment, at any state, to follow the principle of There is none else besides Him. This means acknowledging the fact that He is the only one who manages everything and there is nothing in a person except for one point of disconnection from the Creator. Everything else comes from the upper force, from the Creator.

However, a person sees reality through this disconnection, through this breaking point. All of a person’s work is to try as hard as he can to constantly identify that There is none else besides Him every time he sees the world through this breaking point. Although it doesn’t seem that way, he constantly tries to reconnect Malchut and Zeir Anpin, which means to discover that the Creator is the one who manages everything.

Thus the breaking point is gradually corrected time after time, until it reaches a point that it is totally healed, which means that it ceases to exist, and a person reaches complete adhesion with the Creator.

This psalm tells us about our work, which is constantly trying to reach the real causes through the concealments. This means to discover what happens to us, in us, and around us, and that it all comes from the Creator who constantly stabilizes the state in us called our world, our life.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/14/14

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