Feelings Deceive – And Direct

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Sergei Mats, psychologist, filmmaker, lecturer at the Institute of Psychology of Russian University for the Humanities in Moscow): “Do feelings deceive you? – Don’t worry, they have been designed mostly for this. Each of us lives in his own individual surrounding world. This world is filled with personal feelings.

“This reality contains optical illusions, strange noises, little understood sensations and smells, pseudo hallucinations (cinema, computer monitor).

“People absolutely realistically see, hear and feel things that did not and could not exist. You are looking at a white cloth, illuminated by a projector, or a panel, consisting of RGB- triads, and it definitely seems to you that there occur the events that make you laugh and cry.

“Similarly, many experienced psychic phenomena; they actually ‘saw,’ ‘felt, and ‘heard voices”; for them they are all true, ’another reality’ that leaves no reason for doubts.

“Sometimes, someone’s life may depend on the complex psychological nature of human emotions. With what degree of truth can one assert that the witness really saw and heard everything that seemed to him to be seen and heard without doubts?

“It is a strange thing: evolution, which is supposed to bring us closer to the main subject of adaptation – reality, in many cases, in fact, separates the mind from it, encloses him in an individual world, which is not always comfortable, but is always felt. Why does it do this?”

My Comment: Our development proceeds along two lines so that we, (1) as a result of our development, (2) discover its complete inadequacy. It is this frustration that will enable us to (3) realize and accept a whole new way of development, opposite to the first one (1), to development towards unity, in which we will reveal a new sense organ and through it will start our existence in a new, higher world.

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