Bread In A Basket

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Letter 43”: …It is written, “And Moses would take the tent,” etc. Why did he pitch his tent outside the camp?…

However, it is to the contrary. It is a true remedy for opening the fountains of wisdom to a faithful source, since once Moses had pitched his tent outside the camp, the craving for him inside the camp increased, as one who has bread in his basket is not like one who, etc.

As usual, we don’t appreciate what we have and so Moses has to leave. It is written: “The Torah will come out of Zion (the exits).” We have to exit a state in order to appreciate what was and what will be. It is only by the feeling of deficiency that we attain the importance.

A person has to work on raising the importance of the current state, like an old man who walks bent down as if looking for something he has lost, by increasing one’s deficiencies through the group and dissemination. We must not wait for the deficiencies to awaken inside us by themselves and complain why we aren’t burning, why we don’t yearn, why we are asleep.

If a person doesn’t look for additional deficiencies by himself, by the connection with the friends, the study, and dissemination, he will dry up, wither, and lose interest. There should always be “bread in his basket.” If a person knows that he has a slice of bread for the future, he will not fear being hungry since this stock will satisfy him. But if he has nothing for the future, then even if he is full, he will already feel a deficiency and worry. It is because the future vessel is gradually revealed and he doesn’t have the expected filling.

Therefore, we must always yearn for the future filling, which means for the desire to bestow. The Light of Hassadim, in contrast to the Light of Hochma, fills the empty vessel with joy by yearning to fill the others. Although I have nothing of my own, not even a shirt, like someone who only wants to be Hafetz Hesed, I don’t need anything either.

This is the perspective we have to look at concerning what “bread in his basket” means. It means that on the one hand, a person prepares himself for greater and greater emptiness, but on the other hand, he has to feel a filling in it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/19/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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