A Society Deprived Of Purpose

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Dmitry Leikin): “The struggle for the rights of minorities in the West takes absurd forms. The problem is that Western society needs a purpose – and simultaneously forbids itself to have it.

“The modern human being, equipped with developed intellect and higher education, desperately needs a purpose for his existence, which goes beyond him and his family, a social goal, society-wide.

“But Western countries are not able to set goals before people; their function is not to prevent people from living the way they want. They view a big goal as communist projects.

“For lack of anything else, a European enthusiastically enters into the battle for the rights of gays and transsexuals, against non-environmental oil platforms, etc., as he previously made revolutions. By the way, the revival of neo-Nazi movements in Europe has the same cause – Nazism; despite all its monstrous essence, it still gives people a super goal.

“And the way out of this social chaos can be only one: to begin to set before society real super goals that it needs.”

My Comment: There is such a goal, and it must be set before the community: to achieve universal equality and unity in which we will experience the next (other worldly) level of existence.

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