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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: So that our request for spirituality will be right, we need to include in it the connection, the mutual nullification of one towards the other, as well as the entire world towards to which we convey our connection. What, above all, do we need to focus on, is it on our internal attack?

Answer: No attack is necessary. We always need to strengthen ourselves together, for the system we are in is integral and eternal.

We need to live in a state of unity, and then we will understand that we are within this volume all the time, that we are eternal and perfect! And all the rest is disjointed, damaged, and dying; it detaches us from eternity, from the perfect coupling between us. Try to imagine for yourselves where eternity and wholeness are, where our existence is, and why they are different, and you will see that these are two parallel planes. It’s not worthwhile to fall into the lower plane.

Question: But if I am not in attack all the time, then apparently I fall.

Answer: But don’t attack. It’s not necessary to attack the Klipot (impure forces), it’s simply necessary to understand that they come for your proper development. You can call this an attack if this is easier for you.

After this, you begin to love the Klipot, to bless the bad as well as the good, because all this is necessary for your advancement forward. And even more than this, all of these disturbances are the engine for our advancement.

Question: It follows that we push ourselves because of the disturbances.

Answer: Certainly! For this is all of our material! It’s revealed to you more and more. Imagine that your intellect and your desire are becoming many times larger, and if you use them correctly, then accordingly the powers in you grow as well. And that is how you grow.

In our world a child grows because he accepts and digests nourishment. This very complicated process is also built upon the problems of processing what is completely unnatural for him.

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