There Are No Disturbances That Cannot Be Overcome

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You say that there are no disturbances that cannot be overcome. So why are there cases where disturbances remain in spite of everything?

Answer: The only reason is a weak preliminary connection with the teacher, the group, and the sources.

There are no disturbances that cannot be overcome. A thought or desire is always sent to us like this; it is possible to overcome it. The next level appears before us and it is possible to approach it either by the way of sufferings (Beito – “in its time”) or in a good way (Achishena – I will hasten it”). If we go by the way of sufferings, then they surround us to such a degree that we are ready to overcome the obstacle that is placed before us by any means. But for this, we pay with time and blood.

If we go in the good way, then we rapidly overcome the disturbance because we are connected with the friends, the books, and the teacher from the start, and we know that the disturbance comes from the Creator. We can hold onto this thought like a bulldog and not let go for even a moment: “At least hold on for a little longer, another second, and then another!”

Don’t think about what lies ahead of us! A good athlete knows he has a second to hold on, then another second, and after that another; only in this case will he have the strength. And someone who thinks ahead isn’t psychologically strong enough. We only have the strength if we think about the present moment and we concentrate the time, the place, and the effort, all of the circumstances into one point.

It is not the disturbance itself, not its form, or circumstances; nothing depends on us, only the connection with the center of the group.

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