Truth And Benefit

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the beginning our work is tiring, and after that it keeps us busy and overtakes us….

Answer: This depends upon your skill. If you become an expert in your occupation, then work is a pleasure for you. When you enjoy what you are doing and your work is not felt as a burden but as pleasure, as self-expression,and then you don’t feel tired, like true artists who fall asleep at the easel from physical exhaustion and not because they detached themselves from the work.

Question: Sometimes I am so tired that without connection to the spiritual uplift and the group activity I feel that I am like a servant who doesn’t need anything. How is it possible to pass to a state of mutual cooperation?

Answer: We need to work together with everyone, and this is all. I know that there is no other way, and it seems to me that I cannot agree with this, it’s difficult for me, I would do everything differently, but there is no choice, it’s necessary; a higher goal exists.

It cannot be that I will advance towards truth because I gain some benefit from it. Truth and benefit don’t exist together. Benefit is only for my ego.

The higher goal forces us to advance. We give contentment to the Creator with this; we raise ourselves to His level.

Look for obligations with regard to the group, with regard to the friends, responsibility for everyone; rise to this level, don’t lower yourself. The Creator will give you all kinds of side-effects. Suppose that you are doing something good together now, He will push you towards a better job, better pay, better conditions, and so forth.

It’s impossible to accept this as charity or pay. There is only one payoff: I want to discover the characteristic of bestowal and love as a result of my work. Therefore, try to pull yourself closer and closer to the property of bestowal all the time.

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