Pass Through The Barrier

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we come to a group we have a yearning for some inexplicable property. Then we begin to feel some tastes and understand that we are attracted towards the characteristic of bestowal. But when you say: “Try to feel all this as one,” then we are terribly afraid. There is a desire to flee, it’s unclear to where because this state presses from behind.

Answer: This is very good because there is nothing more opposite to our nature than bestowal and love. We are terribly afraid of it; we don’t want it, and when we reach it, we turn around and go back.

Question: How can we help each other, for indeed you cannot even help yourself?

Answer: Only the group can direct you so that you will cross the Machsom. I very much like the example from the Harry Potter films, Platform 9 3/4. In order to reach it, they must pass through a barrier that separates between the 9th and 10th platforms. So the mother of one of the children advises Harry: “All you have to do is to go directly into the barrier. Don’t stop and don’t be afraid that you will hit it, this is very important.” That is, you shouldn’t see this obstacle, it doesn’t exist, and so you will pass through.

Question: But how is it possible not to see it?!

Answer: You lack a connection. If you connect and unite among yourselves, the obstacle disappears. When you dissolve within the group of ten, the wall also dissolves.
From the World Zohar Week “Integral Education Convention” Day Three 2/4/14, Lesson 1

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