By Trial And Error

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Exodus” (Ki Tissa), 33:3:…I will not go up in your midst since you are a stiff-necked people, lest I destroy you on the way.

This means that there can be another destruction because a person has to have free will so that he will go through all the trials, through the clarification of his nature in relation to the Creator’s nature. Therefore nothing should interfere with this work. This means that a person’s desires, his yearnings, come first and the Creator’s help is second. Therefore he has to be outside the people’s camp.

The Creator calls the people “stiff-necked” since they have egoistic attributes. “So that I will not go up in your midst!” means that the moment a person has incorrect desires and attributes, they are immediately in conflict with the Light, with the attribute of bestowal, and then there is a destruction again and a descent to the previous state. When the Creator is absent, a person can go wrong along the way.

Indeed our whole way is made of clarifications, trials and errors, and we constantly advance like a missile that is targeted at the goal. It needs to constantly divert and then get back on track, divert and get back, since otherwise it will not feel the movement in the right direction. If the Light begins to shine every time it diverts, it will move the missile off track and will destroy it, so the missile has to look for the Light by itself.

A persons forms the Creator’s attribute inside him by himself, he builds the future upper world inside his feelings by himself. So his movement is based on personal experience. As it is written: “You make Me,” which means that a person forms the Creator inside him.

This advancement is clear in our spiritual work. Attaining the Creator occurs only in the right desire that a person discovers inside him, assembles, connects, and presents as a desire that is ready, necessary; you need a passionate desire to reveal the attribute of love and bestowal.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/16/13

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