A Shield, Our Safe Path To The Future

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the order of actions in acquiring new deficiencies?

Answer: First we have to organize a group and to see that we have created a certain system in it. Then we begin to learn how to come out of the group to the public. In the group we are connected according to an internal idea, by our desire to discover the Creator. We learn this system from Kabbalah books and discover what deficiencies we should have, what exactly we will feel when we discover the Creator, the upper force, and what we will see and understand.

We learn what the revelation of the Creator means; what the Light of NRNHY and the vessels of Keter, Hochma, Bina, Zeir Anpin, and Malchut are; what the levels of the upper and lower are; and the phases of Ibur (conception), Yenika (suckling) and Mochin (mind) are. Thus we prepare ourselves for the revelation, receive the knowledge of how to draw the Light that Reforms, and also develop our feelings in order to yearn for the Light that Reforms, for correction. This is how we work in the group.

But if we want to expand our deficiency because we see that it’s not enough, we can’t remain inside the group only. We can study and “stew” this way among us for another ten or twenty years and nothing will change. This is the reason that the Creator opens up the external vessels for us and so we go out to them. We begin to study the method of integral education, workshops, games, roundtables, etc., and then we go out to the public.

By working with the public, we actually fulfill the spiritual system that connects the three levels: the lower, the upper and the upper upper, and then we understand better what we do. We incorporate in the desires of the public and want to succeed. Thus, we feel additional sorrow because we want to bestow upon people and to make them feel better. We feel we are interested in them since we invest our powers in them.

In addition to that, the Creator has arranged different reasons for us to go out to the public. No matter if it’s for corporeal or spiritual reasons, He somehow shows us that we need the public and that it’s our shield and our path to the future. Kabbalists advise us and life also shows us that we have to engage in dissemination. So we should constantly yearn for the expansion of our deficiencies, both in the group and with the public, to deepen them and to clarify what form they should have, and thus we can advance.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/25/14

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