When The Desires Come To Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” Item 25: Since the body is so corrupted that the soul cannot be fully purified before it rots in the ground, why does it return at the revival of the dead? And also the question about the words of our sages: “The dead are destined to be revived with their flaws, so it will not be said, ‘It is another.’”

…We stated there that this exaggerated will to receive is all the substance that He had created, for He needs nothing more than that, to carry out the Thought of Creation.

…We also said above, that during the six thousand years that are given to us for work in Torah and commandments, no corrections come to the body—to its exaggerated will to receive. All the corrections that come through our work relate only to the soul, which thus climbs the degrees of holiness and purity…

Our desire to receive is the whole matter of creation. It is divided into ten Sefirot: six Sefirot above, in Galgalta ve Eynaim (GE): HBDHGT until Hazeh (chest), and four Sefirot below, in AHP: NHY.

GE are vessels of bestowal that we can correct, and so we correct them by raising them to the level of Arich Anpin in the course of six thousand years, which makes six hundred thousand (60 times 10,000 = 600,000). But the desire to receive itself remains uncorrected. It is because we have only corrected the vessels of GE and of AHP of Aliyah, but not the real AHP that is also called a “body.” We have only killed it, which means that we disconnect it from actions of bestowal, and this is called the “death of the body.”

But eventually, after the correction of all the vessels of bestowal, we can approach AHP, to perform the “revival of the dead” and correct it so that it will all be in order to bestow.

Here we refer to desires which I have treated as “dead” before, which means that I did not use them, restricted them, and limited them since I couldn’t receive the Light of livelihood in them. But now I take them out to the Light and correct them. These dead desires “are revived in their flaws” since I have to correct all the horrors of the great desire to receive and to change them into the opposite, into bestowal. Then, in them I will receive the greatest Light of NRNHY. Thus, the correction of GE is only a thin line; while below I acquire the whole measure, the whole sphere.

When The Desires Come To Life
Question: What do I discover in the desire that is revived?

Answer: The Creator. You discover the upper force, the upper, eternal life beyond the body. You feel eternity and wholeness above matter, beyond quantum physics. You discover the field in which we actually live, and there you feel the real upper reality and not the tiny particle like you do today.

You feel all that by the correction of the senses. This is why our method is called the “wisdom of Kabbalah” (the wisdom of receiving), which means the wisdom of how to receive, how to perceive. Soon all of humanity will be pushed in this direction. After all, the goal of creation is not that we arrange a wonderful spiritual life for ourselves in this world. It is coming to an end in any case, and we will have to discover the upper dimension.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/19/13, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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