The Embryo Is Part Of Mother “Bina”

Dr. Michael LaitmanSome time before the last convention we began our preparation for the state of the spiritual “embryo” and we continue persistently.

This is the short-term goal for the major part of our global group. In the group there are more advanced students and less advanced ones, but the majority are in a state that they must prepare for the conditions of existing in the form of an “embryo” in the spiritual world.

It says that an embryo is part of his mother, which means that he totally annuls himself and “eats what his mother eats.” Mother clarifies what is best for him and he receives everything gratefully as something that comes from “there is none else beside Him.” He is completely incorporated in the Creator without taking any independent decisions. All his powers are focused only on how to follow with eyes closed.

This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have his own opinion and his own feelings, but he tries to resemble the upper in every way possible. He still has no inner “vessels,” not in his mind and not in his heart, which enable him to start working with such desires by himself. He can only rise above them.

This means that he has no “mouth,” but that he receives everything through the “Tabur” (the umbilical cord), which means straight into his “vessels.” A “Peh – mouth” (the mouth of the Partzuf) is the place of the Masach (screen), 32 teeth, 32 routes of wisdom. When he has teeth, he will already be able to chew with them, to examine, to divide, and to decide whether this filling is suitable for him or not, but in the meantime, all this does not exist in the embryo, and he receives everything thanks to the bestowal of Hassadim from his upper, from mother Bina, although he is in total darkness.

If we could imagine this state of Ibur (gestation) and see ourselves as an “embryo” with regard to the group, which means that we annul ourselves before the group, then by our collective effort we will enter the spiritual world.

This is a very high level. It is unlimited, since by the annulment of his vessels a person becomes independent and unlimited. He receives everything that comes to him and is ready for any condition. He accepts everything that comes to him from the upper “above reason,” and thus advances through all the months of pregnancy.

Everything depends on us, on our effort. We don’t have to wait for this to come from Above by itself. Nothing will come just like that except for sufferings that come along the path of “in its time” instead of along the path of “I shall hasten it,” the path of the Light.

But if we want to hasten this state so as not to develop according to the natural speed that will take many years before we attain it, we have to spur one another, as it says: “Every one shall help his friend.” We have to set an example of the spiritual embryo for one another, which means showing how each one annuls himself before the group and accepts everything gladly, enthusiastically, in elation, and in awakening. Although a person doesn’t feel it internally, he annuls himself before the upper.

This state is called an embryo since all this doesn’t match his desire, but is against it, in contrast to his feelings and his mind. But if he rises above himself, above his mind and feelings and begins to receive from the upper who is whole, he will advance and gradually become an embryo.

This state is built above the corporeal feelings and mind and is the first level that is built above them. In it we already have to clarify how to fulfill the advice of Kabbalists by mutual help, awakening, and feeling the importance of the goal. This is the immediate goal facing us.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/8/13

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