Integral Upbringing Can’t Be Confused With Anything Else

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How many classes will it take to shape the integral vision within a person?

Answer: I am sure that a sensation of the new attitude toward the world is formed within a person during the very first class. It can be a one and a half or two hour training directed towards connection and interaction with others.

Usually during the first class a person begins to feel that he already looks differently at people, at the world, and at himself. Suddenly he senses that there is not only “I individually,” but there is something else besides that. He becomes very attracted by this “besides me individually.” Suddenly he senses warmth. Through his interaction with others he feels confidence and relaxation as if he is in his mother’s womb.

Comment: But there is a lot of this type of training…

Answer: This is not psychology. It is impossible to confuse it with anything else because here a person obtains a totally different means of connection—outside oneself. He begins to feel the world outside himself, beyond his properties. It doesn’t matter what properties I was born with and what upbringing I received. Now I begin to rise above my original properties and above the properties I have acquired to date, and I begin to sense others, what they really are.

The integral environment inevitably gives a person additional senses. He begins to sense the world in a much broader way.
From KabTV’s “Integral World,” 11/27/12

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