The Point Where There Is A Place For Everyone

Dr. Michael LaitmanI didn’t expect that we would experience what we did in the past convention. It is a very important stage: We felt what it is when one says to rise above ourselves, to make room for the friend, for the other in your place, to be integrated into the other, to connect with him. We experienced all kinds of feelings like these: When all of us enter one point and no one takes any room, and thanks to self-annulment, there is room for everyone. The same thing was said about the holy temple: Everyone stands closely in a crowded mass, but when everyone had to bow down, then there was enough room for everyone.

We went through many states. First, we tasted them, and this tasting is very important. Since, actually this accompanies the entrance into the transition stage. Until now we didn’t know how to interpret, how to feel our state. We said words without knowing what lies behind them.

And now a sensation was created: We feel that we are standing next to a psychological barrier, near a barrier that we cannot pass with our own strength, and here without doubt help from Above is needed. It is simply essential, but we must invite it since the Light doesn’t arrive if the Kli is not ready for it.

This is the way Lights and Kelim are built. For the first level that we want to rise to, the law is the law, and we advance to such a desire that will be compatible with the Light of this level.

We don’t stop. It is forbidden to do that. We still need to discover this gate, the gate of tears, the gate of entrance, the request for correction, MAN (Mayin Nukvin). We ourselves form them: since there are no Kelim nor ever will be that are immediately ready for work. We are the first in this. Our fathers greeted us, those who laid the foundations of Kabbalah, those who created the Kabbalistic system, who discovered the upper force and all the levels that are between the Lights and the Kelim. But we are the first in actualization from below to above, real pioneers.

We have a great responsibility for the whole of humanity. We hope that we will be able to lead them correctly via the way of the light and not by way of suffering. Exactly now, according to the events in the world we see, we are approaching the decisive point of choice between these two ways. It all depends on us.

And the main thing is to check oneself by the desire of the upper. Even though we advance according to the spiritual laws, above them stands the desire of the upper, which we can oblige, by rising above the way of “in its time,” above the permanent opposition between the Lights and the Kelim, and can accelerate the way with the help of Hassidim (mercy). To the extent that we are drawn to this, to this extent the mercy will operate bestowal, love, renouncements, completion, and self-annulment between us, to this extent we will invite on ourselves the influence of the Light above the law. Since in this, we show our correct readiness to bend our head and receive the way before the Light commits us to do so. We ourselves force ourselves.

We hope that we will quickly make the breakthrough and discover the Light’s influence on us. It is clear that this needs to turn into a habit where each one feels that everyone belongs to the Kli, one desire, one family, one soul. Only this is the creation and we are parts of it. Now our perception is cloudy, and in our world it seems to us that each part exists as if by itself. But in spirituality, there only exists a perfect whole.

If we can connect and unite, like two liquids or like drops of molten metal that merge into one, in essence, it will be the spiritual state between us. Within it there is no one who is separated, only all of us together. And afterward the concept “we” also disappears and what is left is only one Kli for the Light.

From the Arava Convention 1/18/13, Workshop 5

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