The Desire, Burn!

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, Shamati, 241, “Call Upon Him While He Is Near”: Hence, when the Creator wishes to bring him out of the dense forest, He shows him a remote Light, and the person gathers the remains of his strength to walk on the path that the Light shows him, in order to attain it.

But if one does not ascribe the Light to the Creator, and does not say that the Creator is calling him, then the Light is lost from him, and he remains standing in the forest.

Every moment of our lives happens under the influence of the Light, the property of bestowal, the Creator. And if a person tries to reveal this influence from Above, to connect his path with the Creator, although he does not see, does not feel this connection yet, then all the moments of his life he attaches to the First Cause, to the upper force.

The Creator gives him opportunities to apply efforts, in darkness and light, in various conditions. Due to this, a person creates and calibrates his sense for perceiving the Creator, and then with each step, with every event and state, in every situation, he sees the force of the Creator more clearly as the cause of what happens until he reveals Him on a constant basis.

Initially, a person had only a tiny feeling from within, from some hidden source. This source manifests itself in all kinds of circumstances, and gradually a person becomes aware that this is the Creator demonstrating these or those forms of relations towards him. A person learns to connect everything with one Cause, besides which there is nothing. Rising above the events of his life, he understands: They are all designed for him to reveal the Creator all the time. That is why he needs to pass through diametrically opposite states.

Now a person sees that everything is for the best, and he builds a basis inside himself, “There is none else besides Him, the Good Who Does Good.” Whatever may happen, a person understands that the Creator awakens him, forms him at every second of his life. Everything is directed at the connection with the Creator, Who sorts and corrects all the properties of a person, so that in each of them, a person feels only Him, as the Good Who Does Good.

Thus we advance, calling Him while He is near. When having put forth effort, a person recognizes that the current moments came from the Creator; he needs to understand that the efforts were also called from Above. The Creator wants a person to reveal Him. Even a small, slight contact is also closeness, and now it is necessary to strengthen the connection that has emerged.

But it is impossible to strengthen the relations in a person himself. After all, each of us has only a tiny dot, representing the beginning of the soul, an altruistic desire. This is just a spark of the Reflected Light—the intention to bestow that we had before the breaking. So, if I am close to this spark, if it shines brightly and tries to ascend above all the desires so that together with them can establish the connection with the Creator, then I must unite with other sparks, as it were before the breaking when they were all merged in the general flame, in the great Light.

We need this Reflected Light of such power that together we would prevail above the common desire at the first spiritual degree. Uniting our sparks in the general fire of the Reflected Light, we strive to be in bestowal, in unity above egoism, and thus we create the first spiritual vessel for bestowal, and in it, according to the law of equivalence of form, we reveal the Creator.

We have this opportunity, especially after so much invested effort. We must thank the friends who came from afar for their efforts because they come at the cost of a lot of work and money. All this is added to the screen, to the Reflected Light, to the overcoming, which we must realize for the sake of unity.

We create special conditions now to constantly strive to establish contact, not letting ourselves get out of the general intention, the common idea. We must live in it—this is the exercise that allows entry to the spiritual world. We are together and everyone feels inside that he includes everyone else in himself and that with them, he is like one force, one sensation, in adhesion.

Thus, we will reach a spiritual degree, and then we will be able to return to normal life, and it will not distract us, but will just add new layers of desires, “material” for burning, for the Reflected Light to grow.

After all, as one person cannot reveal the Creator with his spark, thus in our unity we can reveal the relatively small force of bestowal. In comparison with the current state, it will be a big Light, the revelation of the Creator, something huge. We will see and feel how interconnected all the parts of reality are, how the upper force affects everyone in the unified network—above time, in every epoch, in all individual souls. And then, coming out with this force, we will begin to come in contact with the current events of this world, on the way home, at home, at work…

Then, we will need to strengthen the force of bestowal, despite all the “disturbances”, which in reality are additions of the “material” that lets us maintain the fire. The receiving desire as it grows will add “firewood” in this flame, multiplying the Light revealed in unity between us, which becomes stronger in connection with the world.

So, here we should see the beginning of the great path. After all, our ultimate goal is not only to unite and reveal the Creator. There are three stages; the lower should see the upper one and be aware of the upper above him. Later, we will connect the force of disturbances from the entire world to us and will burn them in our “furnace.” This force will become “fuel” for us and will help us reveal the Creator between us more and more.

So, you should not be sorry for what happens after the convention, “Do I have to start everything from the beginning? Where do I return?” No, after our efforts, when we return to the world, we will be different. We will have forces to connect the world to ourselves, make it follow us, and it will provide us with the “fuel” which ignites the desire to bestow that reigns between us.

And it all starts with a small dot, when a person tries to reveal the Creator, Who stands behind his yearning for the friends and urges him to unite with them.
From the Arava Convention 1/17/13, Lesson 1

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