Thanks For The Honor

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I have arrived at the convention in the desert, and seeing such great friends around me, I am asking: why was I honored to be part of this great society because I myself have nothing special?

Answer: None of us chose this path by ourselves, but we were brought from Above. If we understand this, we have to give thanks for this. The Creator brings a person to the good fate and tells him, “Take this!” Everyone was brought here because the time had come for his soul to begin correction and become consciously included in the general mechanism, called Malchut or Divinity.

But if the Creator brings a person to this choice, it does not mean that everything will continue without our efforts. Our efforts have to become more and more conscious. Everyone has already been disappointed in his life, in his desires, and has gone through a lot: graduated from a university, worked in a few places, served in the army, got married and divorced.

But I did not do all that. When I look back, I do not believe that I have done all that and it all happened to me. I start to realize that I was led through all these events from Above. Although I empathized emotionally, my sensations were evoked in me from Above.

But from now on, I am given freedom of choice, which I can use. There are many that come and go. As a result, they will come back some time in the future. Before the convention, I received many letters from my former students who have long left the study, became disappointed, but now decided to return.

This is also fate; we should not think that it was their own decision; the upper management ordered them. Therefore we need to accept them back, and so we opened this convention for everyone.

Everything that has been done with you until today happened because you were allowed to strengthen yourself and take care of others, and we need to give thanks for it.
From the Arava Convention 1/17/13, Lesson 1

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