“It Is Not Good For A Man To Be Alone”

Dr. Michael LaitmanA woman can connect with another woman to one whole (1) only if they both rise above themselves, above the points in the heart (•). On the current corporeal level, a connection with a friend is impossible. This means that if a woman connects with another woman, it is clear to her that this state is already very close to a spiritual connection. In other words the goal obligates the women.

“It Is Not Good For A Man To Be Alone”
On the other hand, men connect more easily between them, since they see a reward in our world. They can come together on the basis of business, sports, or sitting in a pub.

“It Is Not Good For A Man To Be Alone”
But we must remember that behind the men who connect there are women who thanks to this connection are also ready to connect somehow.

“It Is Not Good For A Man To Be Alone”
This is the nature of things, and it cannot be condemned or praised. We can, however, use it, since for many women it is easier to organize a spiritual vessel and if the men support them, it will be the right direction to spirituality for all of us.

This is the meaning of the expression “help against him” that we still have to understand to its full depth. A man was given help and if he uses it correctly, he will reach the goal. Therefore the Creator said, “It is not good for the man to be alone” (Genesis, 2:18), or in other words, it isn’t good to live without the Creator. “I shall make him a help against him” so that he shall reach Me (the Creator).
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/13/13, Shamati #7

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