If The Intention Is Right, The Desire Doesn’t Need To Be Checked

Dr. Michael LaitmanYou do not need to regret and worry about the thoughts and feelings that are rapidly changing in our minds and hearts. It is just the form clothed in matter, and let it clothe! What is important is what we seek. That is, we need to change and continue to improve our intentions rather than fighting with the thoughts and desires themselves.

If the intentions are correct, then the thoughts and desires don’t need to be checked. But we usually eat ourselves up for our thoughts and feel sorry for why we thought these things, why such thoughts and desires suddenly came to us in relation to ourselves and others, and we blame ourselves for the past. But they are totally empty, useless trifles. The only useful thing to do is to change the intention: whom do I intend to do good to—myself or the Creator?

Therefore it is vital to minimize blaming oneself. And it’s that easy; the upper Light keeps working on us, knocking us off the path. But we must keep returning to the correct intention, as it is written: “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator are one.”

This is how you maintain where the intention is aimed. But the action, thought, or desire doesn’t need your attention; on the contrary, rise above them as if you don’t check what your actions, desires, and thoughts currently are at all. Just make sure that they are aimed away from you, through the group, toward connecting with it, so that with the help of Light that Reforms you achieve adhesion with the Creator and delight Him by doing so.

If a person constantly directs and aims himself in this direction, which is called the intention, then all these words: “I,” “through the group,” “in connection with the group,” “the Light that Reforms,” and “revealing the Creator to bestow pleasure to Him” start forming a certain sensation in the person, a condition formed by this one sentence.

At that point, everything gets easier. Although the hardening of the heart still occurs afterward, as well in order to make a person work at a greater depth, with higher quality concepts, he is already walking in the right direction. This means don’t focus on your thoughts because we are not free there; they are dictated to us by our selfish heart. Think only about your intention.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/13/13

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