How To Become Rich And Happy

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from HealthDay): “Having pots of money doesn’t necessarily make you happy, study after study has found. But giving away money – even if you’re not rich – is likely to make you feel wealthier, and thus happier, new research contends.

“It sounds counterintuitive, but it’s not, said study author Michael Norton, an associate professor of marketing at Harvard Business School. …

“Turns out, giving away money increases what experts call feelings of ‘subjective wealth,’ or how well off you feel. The thinking, said Norton, goes something like this: ‘If I have so much money that I can give it away, I may not be so bad off.’…

“The donations also seem to increase the donor’s sense of power, according to Norton, and that may lead them to feel happier, because the donations ‘fulfill a deeper desire to signal wealth.’ …

“Giving $500, he calculated, has the same effect on feelings of subjective wealth as earning an extra $10,000 in income.

“In related research, Norton found that people who volunteer their time to help sick children or for other charitable pursuits feel they have more time than those who don’t volunteer. The thinking, he suspects, is that if they have time to give away, they must have plenty of time.”

My Comment: Psychologists do not view a desire as matter or its fulfillment as the sensation of life. That is why for them physical actions are indicators and not the sensation of fulfillment. Kabbalah does not take into account the actions themselves, but only their essence and the resulting fulfillment. Therefore, it relates to giving money, energy, and time not to bestowal, but to a hidden form of reception, of filling oneself.

In the action of receiving, a person is limited, but in the action of bestowal, he is not limited by anything, and thus this method of fulfillment is available to everyone. The problem is only psychological, understanding that by giving you can be fulfilled indefinitely. This problem is solved by integral education.

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