Great Hopes

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What do you expect from the women in their convention and from their mutual preparation with the men for the Arava Convention?

Answer: I expect a lot from the women because it is the principle part of our world group. The fact is that the women are much more modest than the men; they are very active, but they stay at the back, on the sidelines.

Women’s help is limitless, but all the fruits of their efforts they quietly give to the men. That is the nature of woman. One needs to note that in this they are certainly closer to bestowal than men are. Women do a lot, even though we don’t feel it. Thus I honor their work and am very happy about their cooperation and participation.

Besides that, in all of our worldwide groups, the number of women is not less than the men, and that is a huge force. Now, when humanity is beginning to gradually move to a new state that isn’t familiar to it, the women’s participation is especially important.

We need their desire, the yearnings, and their pressure on the men. We need to make them even more active so that they will pressure us, like a woman to her husband who is under her constant supervision. It is very important that a man feels that his wife values his spiritual work and follows after him, pushes him, understands what he is involved with, and controls him. It gives a man meaning and directs him.

We must feel this, and then we will be able to better advance forward. Thus, on the one hand, we must divide our work and part of our events to men and women. But on the other hand, we must encourage the woman’s part to connect, to unite, to work together, and give them every opportunity to share one huge powerful desire that will force us to realize it.
From a Virtual Lesson 12/30/12

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