Breaking Through To A New World Without Revolutions

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Any qualitative breakthrough is always hard in terms of awareness. For example, the theory of relativity, essentially denied the very foundations of customary perception; thus, it wasn’t immediately received and understood and only with difficulty. How will an integral understanding of the world spread in the general system of humanity?

Answer: Really, Einstein suggested a revolutionary approach to understanding spatial characteristics. Until then, people lived in the usual three dimensions and couldn’t immediately understand and agree that everything depends on perception, that “the reference point” could change and enter another coordinate system.

It turns out that the three axes are not fixed in a monolithic structure, but can move relative to each other, depending on the observer. For example, I see the system in motion and you see it at rest. Accordingly, we see different phenomena, different pictures, and don’t understand each other.

Thus, it was difficult for people to grasp the theory of relativity, and only after a few years was it indirectly confirmed when physical experiments and studies predicted its results. But still, even today, there are only a few who really grasp the essence of this approach and the results that follow from it.

Many are satisfied with a superficial understanding at the level of formulas and not through a deeper, inner emotional interpretation. Since, in order to “feel” this theory, one needs to be able to disconnect from our reality at least a little bit. It seems to me that Einstein himself had the beginning of this feeling that accompanies the exit from the regular axes system.

On the other hand, our problem isn’t as great. We don’t disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah and its application, but rather, we disseminate integral education to the general public. We show people how beneficial integral relations are and how it helps in solving all kinds of problems. For that one does not need to go to different axes and experience internal revolutions.

We suggest simply connecting and working on ourselves through workshops, discussions, and communication between us, and from that, it will be good for us. Thanks to that, people will finally feel what constitutes the “round” world, and by that, they will understand what nature wants from them.

We don’t give them tasks that are impossible to execute. On the contrary, subconsciously each person understands that integrality, without a doubt, does not cause evil, and that connection and unity of forces and desires, and closeness between people, will necessarily bring benefit.

And in the meantime, if they don’t want this very much, well, perhaps after a few more troubles and problems, they will have the desire. We are speaking about realistic and achievable things.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/10/13, Shamati #66

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