Without Turning Away From The Path

Dr. Michael LaitmanBefore a person approaches the study, he must form a certain intention within him, so that all of his study will be directed to attracting the upper light to himself, so it will bring him to ascend above his nature.

How can he see this? Precisely according to this, that everyday ups and downs, and serious, qualitative and quantitative internal changes will occur in him. He will feel how much he is being shaken all the time, to what extent he is in states of eye-opening, understanding, ascent, and then suddenly the opposite, in states of descent, bleakness, lack of strength, depression; and then again ascent, and again everything illuminates and everything is comprehensible and joyful. And then again the opposite.

But, as far as a person goes through such states, he will become used to them more and more. He will begin to understand that all these states have to take place, that they are natural and desirable. He will begin to disengage from them. On the one hand, these states will occur in him. But, together with this, he will follow them by some point outside and will understand that now he is in one state, later in a different state and so on. Meaning, he won’t completely be immersed in depression or joy like a small child. No, he as an adult towards this small child will be able to understand and grasp his state and draw some conclusions from it.

It’s the same in spiritual development. A person begins to understand clearly in what states he is in, what for, why, and how. He is already not submissive to changes in mood, understanding and recognition.

But sometimes he absolutely doesn’t grasp anything. Generally, he goes through all sorts of states! A certain period of time is required in order to get used to them.

Besides this, we must begin to go through these states from the “side”: I go through them, and I should go through more and at a higher frequency, but I will nevertheless go forward. Meaning, they should not knock us off course. In any case, I come to the lessons, study with the friends in the group, engage in anything that is just possible, it doesn’t matter that together with this I don’t have any feelings towards them: not love, not hatred, nothing, in any case I do it! In each degree, mechanical or more emotional, positive or negative, I must sign a precise agreement with myself: that I in any case am going forward, crawling forward. It doesn’t matter how, but I am inclined only forward.

If a person studies like this, then after a certain period, he really begins to feel all sorts of changes within him, the ascents and descents, suddenly begin to change at an astonishing speed, literally every minute, and then every second. He is going through some inexhaustible storm that carries him. This storm is going in its path; it processes inside all sorts of Reshimot (spiritual genes), informational records, and at the same time the person is in the group, in the study, and doesn’t pay attention to this.

Therefore, the main thing in our advancement is to get ourselves used to this, so that no emotional, intellectual, and psychological interferences will divert us from the goal. They will certainly toss us from side to side, but nevertheless will not remove us from the goal. And here the relationship with the group is very important, everything that Rabash writes about the connection with the group.
From a Virtual Lesson 11/25/12

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