Singing With Heaven In A Direct Line

Dr. Michael LaitmanMalchut is called a prayer because it is a deficiency that one cannot get along without. After the first three phases of Direct Light, comes the fourth, final stage, Malchut, deficiency. If a man doesn’t have a deficiency, this is a sign that he has no Malchut, meaning he doesn’t have the beginning of the degree of Adam, human; he doesn’t have anything to start his spiritual structure with.

All the spiritual work is in order to develop our deficiency (Hissaron), our Malchut, so it becomes Malchut Shamaim “(Kingdom of Heaven),” meaning Malchut that is connected with heaven totally exists under the Providence of Bina. This is to say, to make your desire exactly as the desire of the Creator.

In this goal, a man always is conducting a dialog: He raises his deficiency, checks it, and requests to reveal what his real desire is, what does he want at this current moment and in general.  He always turns to the Creator with this deficiency in order to organize it, to fit it to the fulfillment, to the reaction from above, and to keep a constant connection with the Creator.

That is why it says: “Let it be that he will pray all day,” because this is creating our mutual connection with the Creator.  We only need to constantly direct our Malchut, our heart, to the new deficiency. And if we do not do that, then nature, as always, will push us to correction together with all the creatures by the general Light, the general pressure, that if we feel as growing tension and as the global crisis.

But if a man wants to be in personal connection with the Creator, he must always turn to Him with the correct deficiency, to reformat it, to organize it and to be constantly concerned that this deficiency would fit the stages of the progress.

It is impossible to finish this work and to relax, because by that a man feels that his heart connects more and more strongly with the Creator, in a direct and shortest connection. The levels of this connection determine the levels of the worlds. Man feels that he is shortening more and more the way to and understands better and better the Creator. And the group is the mechanism that connects them together; this is the collection of the foreign deficiencies. Because it guarantees that a person will relate correctly to the Creator.

And this is how he progresses; each new fulfillment better organizes his desire. He wants precisely a fulfillment like this because to bring contentment to the Creator is possible by bringing Him the whole deficiency for fulfillment.
Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/4/12

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